Raising the Barre is a membership-based scholarship fund for dancers 11 years of age and older. Being a member of Raising the Barre allows the dancers the opportunity to learn valuable in-class teacher assistant skills, "on the job" studio and recital management skills, community service hours (required for college admission), as well as have access to scholarship fund money. Being apart of Raising the Barre takes dance beyond just an extracurricular activity and into something that will mold a well-rounded and life-skill prepared child.

Who: Dancers ages 11-19 years of age – 6th Grade and up
Why: Provide candidates with the skills and opportunities to make them compassionate, responsible, confident, and strong leaders.
What: Raising the Barre students shall complete service and session hours as assigned by a Faculty Mentor who will help them schedule their commitments and guide them through their projects.